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Mr. Robison writes to ask for photographs to accompany a story on the growth and development of the Berry Schools in his magazine.

The Berry Schools request a copy of a photograph of Martha Berry, Emily Vanderbilt Hammond, and Corinne Roosevelt Robinson that was published in the New York City Journal in December.

Martha Berry tells Ladd about the new piano and reminds Ladd that she wants a photograph of her like the one she sent for Lemley Hall. Berry hopes to see Ladd in Bar Harbor over the summer.

A letter from Martha Berry informing Mrs. Joynes about the sent telegraph to Agnes Winn. She also states that she might be present at the meeting in Atlanta.

Edith B. Joynes says she is excited to hear that Martha Berry will be speaking to members of the Department of Classroom Teachers of the N.E.A. She requests that Martha Berry sends her picture to Miss Agnes Winn to be used in the news bulletin.

Request from Edith B. Joynes for Miss Berry to address teachers at meeting in Atlanta and be in the May News Bulletin of the National Education Association of the United States.

Howard thanks Bonner for photographs of Martha Berry's home and the log cabin for the book Georgia Homes and Landmarks. She encloses the story for Berry's approval and sends thanks for the opportunity to visit.

Berry seeks a copy of a photograph taken of her, Emily Vanderbilt Hammond, and Corinne Roosevelt Robinson at the Berry Birthday Dinner. She wishes to have the photograph retouched to eliminate neck and facial lines.

The credit manager from photographers Bachrach, Inc. is asking for payment for photographs.

Willis notifies Berry that a balance is due on her account at photographers Bachrach, Inc.

W. F. Caldwell writes to Martha Berry to inquire after an article and photograph of a horse which he has yet to receive. He was counting on using them and wonders why, after she mentioned them in her previous letter, that he has yet to receive them.
He is sorry that Mr. Green did not follow procedure, causing the article and photograph to not be received.

A letter accompanying the return of photographs used in an article on the Berry Schools in the September issue of American Motorist.

Rayme Moore-Sifford writes that he wrote to Miss Berry with the Pictorial Review but didn't get a reply so he tried again. He asks if she would be willing to be interviewed for a group of southern papers and says he can come anytime.

Mr. Rowlett writes to Martha Berry about pictures that they ran in the Nashville Tennessean. He sends the pictures they did not use and says that he will forward the other photographs after the have run the issue.

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