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Miss Berry tells Mrs. Barbour that she is expecting guests and wants the boys and girls to sing "America the Beautiful" and the quartet to sing an old song like "I Have a Friend." She discourages singing spirituals because "the negroes do those so well that it is better for [Berry] boys to try other things that they can do better" and gives a list of other options. She also asks that the boys and girls learn at least two stanzas of "God Be With You."

Martha Berry thanks Dr. Williams for his $300 gift and discusses the piano she is about to buy.

Martha Berry tells Ladd about the new piano and reminds Ladd that she wants a photograph of her like the one she sent for Lemley Hall. Berry hopes to see Ladd in Bar Harbor over the summer.

Atlanta meeting National Education Association July 3

Request for music for the closing program at the meeting of the National Education Association.

Berry asks Barbour to train girls in Sunshine to sing ballads, stressing the importance of both girls and boys being able to sing to the many guests she expects through the summer.

Letter to Clara DeWolf from Martha Berry informing her that the music and books that she mentioned in her letter would be very desirable to the schools. Miss Berry asks her to send them to the schools at her earliest convenience. She also thanks her for her continued interest and generosity. She also wishes her a Happy Christmas Season.

O.P. Barbour requests musical instruments for the Girls School Orchestra.

Martha writes to thank Mrs. Kalbfleisch for the book on music and believes that it will be of good use to the school. Martha hopes she will visit the school some day.

Miss Berry sends some literature to the company and asks for help in finding some musical instruments for the Berry Schools music department.

Hammond writes about several gifts that are to be used for scholarships and an endowed day in memory of Mrs. Waldo Richards, and provides detailed information about plans for the pilgrimage.


Berry writes that it Warden will now have charge of all of the school's pianos, and that she will convey this information to Alice Wingo and others.

Record Department Manager Miss M. Speer writes that, as requested, the Edico Piano Company is sending Martha Berry the Edison record "Only a Rose" from "The Vagabond King".

Martha Berry's very personal letter to Kate Macy Ladd includes references to Ladd's husband, Walter Graeme Ladd, and her nurse-companion, Alice Lemley, as well as to Berry's mother and childhood nurse.

Berry asks Keim to have the band play until all of the boys have entered the dining hall.

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