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Pauline Baker explains that she has enclosed a check for $150 and would like it to go to a worthy girl as a scholarship. She also mentioned how she traveled abroad in this spring time in the same party as someone who knew Miss Martha Berry. Her name was Mrs. Dixon of Rome, Ga.

This is a letter from Miss Berry to Mrs. McCrary thanking her for her donation of 150 dollars. Miss Berry expresses the hard times she is going through with funding, but says she would never regret her years put into the Berry Schools.

A donation-enclosed reply to plea for a scholarship towards the Berry school for two girls named Claire and Mattie. Claire is an orphan with no home during the summer. Mattie is a 17 year old girl who has nobody to help her. Her sister had to make her own way for five years and doesn't want Mattie going through the same hardship. The author of the plea wants to keep Mattie at the Martha Berry school until she can become more educated and therefore independent. Helen Kittridge donates $150 towards the cause.

This is a letter from Mrs. Cooper's secretary to Miss Berry saying that Mrs. Cooper has sent 50 dollars to show her interest in The Berry Schools, but she is unable to send more money at this time.

Charlotte Baker described how the secretary "spoke very well" and that the personal touch made an impression on the girls. She sent Martha Berry a $25 donation. Letter was recorded as received by the Berry Schools on March 19, 1928, as noted in the typescript at the top of the letter.

Miss Glen Allen informed Martha Berry she was setting aside some money after hearing of Martha's stories in Southern Highlander about her children struggling to get an education.

Letter to Mrs. Robert Sturgis from Martha Berry informing her that Miss Berry will be happy to be with her on the 28th and 29th and also states that if there is anything that she needs her to do that she is at her service. Miss Berry also states that she is glad that Mrs. Hammond is going to be there as well. She thanks Mrs. Sturgis for being interested in the schools. Miss Berry informs Mrs. Sturgis that the schools have many visitors but that most of them only come to get ideas but that the schools need visitors who will invest in the lives of the boys and girls attending the schools. She informs Mrs. Sturgis that she is a God send to the schools and thanks her again.

This seems to be a document marking a 150 dollar payment made by Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Owen. The document indicates that the money was handed into the office on February 23, 1926.

Record of McCormick's donation in response to the twenty-fifth anniversary solicitation.

This document is a statement charging Martha Berry for $16,952.

Note about a $200 donation.

This is a letter from Miss Berry to Mrs. French thanking her for helping with Elizabeth. She requests that the check be sent in January or whenever Mrs. French can.

Martha reaches out to a farm and asks them to offer a cheap price for cows since the school's funds are running low. She wants to enter them into a show in the fall.

This is a letter to Miss Martha Berry informing her of the $100.00 dollars collected for the Berry Schools.

Peavey, treasurer of the Hannah Weston DAR chapter, encloses a $10 donation.

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