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C. Neal writes to say that there's nothing in the magazine. Armes did all the possible forwarding and the deeds are left. He also wishes her a Merry Christmas.



Emma Ireland sends a $25 donation to help celebrate Berry's 25th Anniversary.

Gerogia Robertson is writing to Martha Berry and tells her about an article that she wrote that was published about improving children's health. She also wants to send a reprint of the article to students at Berry and those who are going out into the mountains to teach.

Martha Berry is asking the editor to put an article in his magazine. The article is asking for help because of one of the dormitories burning down.

In this short letter, Florence M. Collins tells Miss Berry that she is sending old clothes and hopes that Miss Berry can find use for them. The next sentence discusses her return to Havana, Illinois and Collins says to send the magazine there.

Mrs. Buck sends $1 and her sympathy in response to Miss Berry's letter telling of misfortune at the school and saying that any gift would help. Mrs. Buck also writes that she enjoys Berry's magazine.

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