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Erwin Holt wrote this letter to Miss Berry the day before her birthday. In it, he wishes her a happy birthday, tells her events he has seen in the news, and mentions some stories from his personal life.

Martha Berry thanks Clay for sending her a letter with an enclosed article. She discusses his daughter studying at Berry so soon, it seems after himself



Hammond asks Berry for information for the press on her talk at St. Bartholomew's.

Kate Harvey placed an order for towels made by the Berry students. Unfortunately, when she received the order the towels had an error on them. She still plans to use the towels. Kate just felt that she needed to write Martha Berry and inform her about the mistake.

Carrie Hale writes to Martha Berry and has enclosed a check for $5.00. She is helping the Berry Schools and mentions how she wishes she could contribute more. She then goes on to talk about the economy at that time.

This is a letter accompanied by a check for $5 as a donation to the good work of the Berry Schools.

A letter from Martha Berry to Frank Campbell (Secretary to Henry Ford) regarding getting a new Lincoln to replace her old Ford for $3,000 as result of conversation with Henry Ford. The letter also outlines a need for a new express body truck to replace an old panel body truck.

This letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. A.W Esleeck ask for Mrs. Esleeck to donate money to the school to help pay for the students' education

Martha Berry expresses her appreciation for a letter written by Mrs. Cargile that praised the work done at the Berry Schools.



In this letter to Martha Berry, Lucy Bliss writes of a money order she has sent, along with some clothes and material for the girls to use. She also inquires after Martha Berry's health and observes that Mr. Ford is working on a few new schools.

Mr Whittaker inquires about a letter he had sent to Martha Berry, and also about a position at the Berry School. He has talked with Mr Criddland but is unsure wheather to travel to Berry for work.

A letter written by Martha Berry to Miss Day of the Wheeler School about sharing some pictures during speaking engagements.

Letter to Martha Berry from C. E. Wartneau arranging for Miss Berry to attend a sales talk contest and to meet with Mr. Wartneau and a Mr. Scott at the Winecoff Hotel on January 25.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Townsend for letting her visit and see her gardens. In return, she sends Mrs. Townsend some information about the Berry Schools and invites her to come and visit.


This is a letter from Miss Berry to Mrs. Hewitt requesting a donation to the schools. Mrs. Hewitt appears to have sent back a handwritten response on the original letter.



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