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Barnes hope Berry will be well enough to speak to her DAR chapter, but if not they will be pleased to have Inez Wooten. Barnes asks that Berry provide information about a scholarship the chapter established, which the school erroneously credited to the state organization. That mistake caused among some members "a little feeling".

Armes provides instructions in the event that Miss Turner's lost order for lavender bags cannot be traced.

Armes thanks Bonner for lavender bags, and asks that she reconcile a problem with an order from Miss Turner.

Miss Berry writes to thank Catherine for her purchase of lavender bags. She mentions that the price will go up after this order.

Robertson sends thanks for the lavender sachet.

This is a thank you letter for the lavender sachet Christmas gift.

Mrs. Ford writes to extend thanks to Miss Berry for the lavender sachet she sent her and to thank the girls of Berry for the cake they sent for Christmas. Mrs. Ford also says that they will start south on the 15th but can only spend a day with Miss Berry because they need to get back in order to travel to Europe on April 1st.


Martha Berry thanks Elizabeth M. Frothingham for her most recent contribution.

Miss Elizabeth M. Frothingham thanks Martha Berry for the lavender sachet she received. She also sends a $500.00 donation to the Berry Schools.

Achelis thanks Berry for the Christmas lavender sachet, which she has placed in her lingerie drawer, and sends new year's good wishes.. She will not be able to join the Pilgrims this year, but knows that her friends Mr. and Mrs. William Starr Myers will be attending.

Martha Worcester writes to Martha Berry, enclosing money that has been given to her that she would like to send to the Berry Schools. She says that she does not expect that she will be able to send another but expresses her thanks for the lavender bag that she received. Handwritten note at top denotes no check was included.

Mary E. Reynolds writes Martha Berry to thank her for her Christmas present of a lavender sachet and praise the good work the school is doing in the lives of young girls.

A letter to Martha Berry from Georgia Robertson in response to a thank you letter that Berry sent to Robertson. This letter was sent around the time of the Silver Anniversary.

Miss Robertson informs Martha Berry that she gave a report at her mission school about the Berry Schools. She also encloses an article on the topic of atheism and says she is glad Miss Berry's school does not tolerate such a thing. She also thanks Miss Berry for the lavender bag she received.

Lists of people receiving presents (fruit cakes, angel food cakes, lavender bags, paper knives, candy) from the Berry Schools at Christmas in 1927.

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