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The Berry Schools write to Elizabeth Stone to ask her to correct the error on her check and to inform her that Miss Berry is away from the schools because of her illness. They also ask for her permanent address.


Mr. Shaw writes to send Miss Berry two volumes on Abraham Lincoln as well as a donation of $200. He also assures her that his interest in the schools is not waning but his relatively small gift is due to a difficult year.

Berry updates Ladd on her health and her summer after not being able to write to her for quite some time. Berry speaks of her loneliness during her summer rest, when she thought of Ladd often and always felt her near.

Dodge sends a donation of $100 to the Berry Schools and apologizes for the lack of contributions due to illness and poor business.

The Berry Schools return Mrs. Chambers' letter in Miss Berry's absence. They thank Mrs. Chambers for her gift and inform her of Miss Berry's illness.


Mary Johnson is writing Miss Berry to tell her that Jo Ruston has been ill for seven weeks


Miss Berry sends her regrets to Mrs. Hoge, saying she does not feel well enough to attend her party.


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Martha Berry writes that she has found a decorator from a company other than the one they had originally discussed. She hopes to visit New York in March, but has been ill. She believes that it is imperative to start an endowment for Berry.

A letter from Martha Berry which tells of her struggle with a bronchial cold, but that she is expecting to be in New York by March 6th.

Jessie Powers writes to Martha Berry to let her know that she's been ill and will not be able to pay off her pledge before the 25th Anniversary.

Annie L. Vickery writes Martha Berry to send a donation of $20 to help with rebuilding the boy's dormitory that burned down. She also informs Martha Berry of her own illness, which has incapacitated her for many weeks.

Lee writes to Berry with an update on his family's new city and to express his hope that she is continuing in good health after hearing of an illness. He also explains to her that his church is interested in building a church and parish house in the style of the Berry School Chapel. He sends Berry a questionnaire but says it would be fine if one of her helpers filled it out. He merely writes to her to ask permission to release the information.

Writes a letter to Martha Berry explaining how he has been working to complete his $1000 pledge to the Berry Schools. He also tells her than he thinks of himself as a Philadelphian, despite having lived in Georgia half his life. He mentions being sorry that Berry has been too ill to visit him and his wife in Cedartown.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Dr. Harbin for his dedicated service over the years. She also expresses her gratitude for Dr. William, especially since he helped her during her illness. She even advises Mrs. Wright to visit him. Martha Berry ends the letter by mentioning the Easter lily she sent to Dr. Harbin to let him know she was thinking of him.

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