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List of Sunshine sales to Emily Vanderbilt Hammond. Includes baby blanket, towels, baskets, a fan, bags, scarves, a rug and stool mats.

Mrs. Harney requests that a basket order she placed in April be filled now that the school is able to do so. She requests that they be sent to Pebble Hill Plantation in Thomasville. She also states that she appreciated the offer to fix an earlier order of hand towels, but she can use them as they are and would not like to inconvenience the school.

An order received form indicating an order of white linen towels with the initials P. W. H. and towels with green border also initialed P. W. H. The order is from Mrs. P. W. Harvey from Thomasville, GA. The payment of $120.00 was made to buy the towels.

Mr. Eaton writes that he is helping arrange the exhibits of handicrafts at the Conference of Southern Mountain Workers and asks what kind of objects she will send and other things that are made at Berry in addition to what she is sending. He also asks for printed materials about the handicrafts and offers to send it back if she wishes and encloses a form for her to fill out.

The Berry Schools apologize to Mrs. Clark that the napkins she ordered are not the same shade as the luncheon clothe she bought at Sunshine and says the girls will remake them as soon as possible.

Mrs. Brixey ordered 2 cabin towels and 1 blue blanket which were sent on May 29, 1930.

The Berry Schools write to Mrs. Bridges to inform her that they do not take orders for rugs with the customer furnishing the materials.

Evelyn Bishop writes to invite someone from The Berry Schools to attend the Mountain Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee. If someone cannot come, she will still accept six articles sent from Berry; they can be mailed to the conference center or directly to her.

Williams proposes selling Berry handicrafts in her Atlanta gift shop.

The supply of Berry handicrafts is not sufficient to be sent for sale in Williams's gift shop.

Paul sends a new mailing address and inquires about the status of her order for a woven table doiley.


Martha Berry lets Miss Lovejoy know that they will take her order, but it will be delayed.

Martha Berry updates Ladd on furnishings for Lemley Hall and what she hopes will happen in the future.

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