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Martha Berry writes architect Harry J. Carlson that she is not pleased with the rock work on the new building and has concerns about how walls are being built. She also suggests that the school have on hand a complete set of records and plans for the project in order to share them with visiting donors to the project.

Martha Berry writes to say that work has begun on the chapel and requests that the donation from Arthur Curtiss James for that purpose be sent.

In this letter Miss Berry writes Miss Ann D Brazeau and states that the last donation received from the S&R Club was in December of 1926, and she wonders if their check had been lost in the mail.

Berry sends instructions to Bonner, including asking her to rush to New York movies, a blue gingham uniform, and a pink sun bonnet that will fit Inez.

Letter with contribution of $12.50 to account of Anna Pitts (Student?).


In this letter Mrs. W. E. Wakeley explains that the Southern Society of the Oranges will not be able to help the Berry Schools this year.

List of Donors in June and July 1927.

Thank you letter referencing scholarship received for student Herbert C. Promises to update worthiness at the end of the year.

Letter from Richard Arnold G? To Martha Berry sent with clothing donation.

List of 9 donors with addresses and amounts.

Wingo advises that a portrait, evidently of the son of the donors of the dental clinic, has arrived, along with a tablet with the subject's name.

A letter from Martha Berry explaining the policy of giving free money to students who have not worked for it.

In the first of the two letters within this set, Mrs. Roop writes about the parcel she and her husband sent of nearly new shoes to help the boys of the school. She also comments on a gift she received from two Berry School girls while they visited and requests names and information of the young ladies. In the second letter Miss Berry expresses her thanks for the shoes, and states she does not know the name of the two little girls the Roops might be referring to.

Mrs. W. S. Fulton makes a donation of $150 to The Berry Schools.


This letter comes from the Black Beaver Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and contained the donation of $10.00.

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