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Mr. Gunby informs Martha Berry that he and his friends, who are representatives of A.I.B, have used their influence in order to encourage more wealthy patrons to donate to the Berry Schools.

A letter of thanks from Miss Martha Berry for the donation of Bibles from Mr. Green. She goes on to talk of the importance of faith for the students at Berry and how their growth of their faith is an important part of their education and work.

A thank you note from Martha Berry regarding some books Mr. Goodspeed donated to the Berry Schools.

A letter of thanks for Miss Williams and the Girls' Friendly Society of their church for raising $27 to help the boys and girls at Berry Schools, and of Mrs. Hammond for giving the recital to raise the money. She goes on to mention that she wishes she had been well enough to attend.

An acknowledgement of her $3.00 donation to the Emily V. Hammond Scholarship Fund

A letter thanking her for her donation from Harriet Hammond to the Emily V. Hammond Scholarship Fund and expressing her sympathy at Miss Gerard's current illness.

A letter to Miss Gerard thanking her for her gift toward the Emily V. Hammond Scholarship through Mrs. Clark and also advising her to start having the receipts of her gifts sent to her for her records.

Mrs. Gantt explains that she sent a check for $37.50 to care for a little girl that Martha Berry mentioned in a letter. She is asking whether or not it was received.

A letter asking how much it would be to support one child at Faith College for a year and offering to donate that amount if she is able.

Letter tells of the donations that Grace L Foote has sent to Miss Berry. It also wishes Miss Berry's health will be restored and praises her work at the school Letter was begun on 31 May then completed 1 July

Miss Berry is hyperbolically paying thanks to Miss Dogerberg for the donation of a book entitled "Good-bye Mr. Chips" to the school library. She also takes time to wish Miss Dogerberg a blessed Christmas.

Thanks to Mrs. Davis from Martha Berry for her donation to the school, and she goes on to talk of the improvements of Berry as well as the new Science and Agriculture building. She then invites Mrs. Davis down for another visit.

A generic thank you letter regarding a donation made to the foundation.

A letter expressing her admiration for Martha Berry's work and interest in supporting Case No. 1 from the catalog of letters children wrote about why they should go to Berry. This letter is attached to a $10 check.

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