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Mr. Green says that the workers meeting last night pledged $4000 to the Berry Schools via voluntary reduction to their salaries.

Mr. Arnold donates $100 to help the Berry Schools in their emergency.

Mrs. Alger donates $25 to aid in the work of the Berry Schools.

Miss White donates her year's regular contribution and hopes the stress of running the schools will be relived by the school's funds.

Donation on 9/29/29 of $5.00 and on 10/1/29 for $5.00. Total donation of $10.00.

Ten girls in Friends Meeting Sunday School donate $10. The girls included: Mary Sharpless, Dorothy Hume, Charlotte Pancoast, Jane Cox, Helen Lee, Mary Doak, Jane S. Webster, Comfort Cary.

Mrs. Watson donates $2500 to endow the day April 6, her wedding day.

Mrs. Walbridge writes with a check of $50 to Miss Berry for the school.

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