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A gift blank to the Berry Schools for $50 and $200 for replacing the Worthy Champion's House and building a house for a resident nurse and farm supervisor at Possum Trot

This letter details Mrs. William Howard Smith sending an undisclosed amount of money along with congratulating Martha Berry on the success of the Berry Schools.

Mr. Rogers included $50 for a subscription to the work occurring at Mount Berry. Mr. Rogers requested a receipt for his donation.

Erwin A. Holt writes to Martha Berry to donate $300 to The Berry Schools for his annual Armistice Day thank offering. He says he and his wife had a nice trip to New York, Princeton, Atlantic City, and Washington. He tells her about the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Holly Hill Fruit Product company named D.H. McConnell; that he is a philanthropist, conservative, highly successful, and "a man of highest business integrity". He says that he and his wife hope to visit the orange groves soon, and also that they met the director of the Congressional Library, Dr. Herman Henry Bernard Meyer. Finally, he says that his business is suffering badly from the depression. He also requests the latest issues of the Highlander.

Mrs. Huntzinger sends $500 dollars as a donation to the Berry Schools in response to an appeal letter.

This is a letter with a donation of $150.00 enclosed.

Mrs. Dave H. Morris donates $500.00 to the Berry Schools for covering current expenses.

This document was enclosed with a check for $150 from Dr. Alexander to The Berry Schools

Donation on 9/29/29 of $5.00 and on 10/1/29 for $5.00. Total donation of $10.00.

Document initially was a letter written by Miss Berry to "Friends' with annotation that Mr and Mrs Edwin Owen donated $150

Miss Berry thanks Miss Morrison for her gift and informs her that Miss Brewster is with them. She wishes her a "bright New Year"

The Morris couple wishes Miss Berry a cheerful Christmas and includes a donation of $20.

Adelaide M. Megeath writes to Martha Berry to donate $100 and commend her for the work she does at the schools. She also thanks Martha Berry for the cotton she received and informs her that her daughter Virginia got married and changed her name. She says that she has always wanted to visit the schools but has never been able to.

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