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Martha Berry thanks Reverend Greene for his donation of clothing for the children to purchase at low costs.

Mr. Greene sends a box of clothing and hopes they will be of use.

Martha Berry writes to rush order two hats, an inexpensive black straw to wear for company she is expecting, and a white felt to wear with a white dress. Berry is confident that Fuller will know what will be becoming. Berry also mentions that she hopes to have dresses made during a planned trip to New York.

This is a letter to thank Miss Esherick for the clothing donation she sent.

Martha Berry is looking for a friend to help her keep all the children at Berry.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Devereux for the clothing he sent.

Martha Berry sends her thanks for this gift which was sent by Mrs. Currie.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Congdon for sending the package and describes the clothing needs of the country store and the area's people.

The Berry Schools writes Mrs. Frank R. Chambers to thank her for her generous donation of $500 for three scholarships, clothing, and expenses.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Chamberlain for her gift and says that they would be glad to receive any clothing she sends.

Mrs. Chamberlain sends $5, asks if riding breeches and riding coats would be useful for the thrift shop and asks if they have someone to repair garments so she can only send what would be useful.

Mrs. Brooks sends a small box of summer clothes that her son has out-grown and expresses her wish to give more but feels she cannot because her husband died and now she must be prudent.


Berry wires instructions related to arrangements for Inez Wooten's wedding.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Barnes for the gift of a bathrobe, explaining that garments are sold in the community store, making it possible for people to have clothing for school and church.

This is a thank you letter from the Berry Schools, thanking Mr. Barnes for the clothing that he sent the school.


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