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Martha replies to Mrs. GIllerist that they have received her letter from earlier in August and they would be happy to have any donations from her. Martha includes mailing addresses that could be used.

Miss H.W. Pearsall sends clothes that she hopes will be useful and the teachers can wear.

Helen S. Milligan writes Martha Berry to inform her that, after reading an appeal for clothing in "The Magazine," she has sent a box of clothing on behalf of her organization/school (97S?). The donated clothes come from the leftovers of their rummage sale, and while she insists that none of the items are remarkable, she hopes that they will find good use at the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry writes to thank Mrs. Charles D. Hastings for waists Mrs. Hastings sent, adding that dresses would be used, as well, either at Berry or in the community nearby.

Miss Martha Berry wrote a letter to Mr. Hall for donating clothes to the Berry Schools. She extends her gratitude and hopes he will stop by if he is ever in the area.

Ms. Berry is writing to Stoddard Dry Cleaning Company asking that the dress and corset she send on May 22nd be returned to her as soon as possible. She says she is planning on being away from the schools soon and will need the clothing there.

Miss. Roby writes Martha Berry, enclosing a package of old clothes in hopes that they will keep someone warm. She also encloses $1000.

Letter to Martha Berry from M. Alda Perry informing Miss Berry that she sent some clothes to the Berry Schools. She does inform Miss Berry that some of the garments are somewhat spoiled because they had hung in a clothes press. She hope that Miss Berry doesn't think that she imposed on her but thought that the clothes that are somewhat spoiled could be cut down and made into clothes for smaller children.

Anna King sends Martha Berry a package of clothes that used to belong to her daughter and she hopes will be of use to girls at the Berry Schools.


Estelle Grosjean inquires as to whether or not Martha Berry would have any use for five dresses made for children aged four or five.

A letter from Martha Berry thanking Mrs. Bleakly for her contribution of clothes to the Berry schools. Martha Berry also discusses the opening of the fall term and its potential.

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