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Martha thanks Evelyn for sending the copy of the nomination blank for the Awards for Honor Men in Industry.

Letter asks Martha Berry to join the nominating committee for an award administered by the foundation.

The Berry Schools write to Mrs. Bell to say that her letter has been received while Miss Berry is out of the office. In her letter, Mrs. Bell wrote that she feels like Miss Berry has purposely not answered her previous letter, but The Berry Schools explain to her that Miss Berry receives hundreds and hundreds of letters, has a family of 900 boys and girls and has to travel to raise funds from the schools. They explain that this means that she doesn't have the opportunity to answer each of the letters sent to her, but she appreciates them all.

In this letter Clark Howell is informing Martha Berry that she has won an award from the Pictorial Review Award Committee.

Katharine Green wishes it could be more but encloses $10.00.


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