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Berry asks Barbour to train girls in Sunshine to sing ballads, stressing the importance of both girls and boys being able to sing to the many guests she expects through the summer.

Wingo reports that Dr. Goldthwait has made a reservation for her at Corey Hill Hospital. She encloses a price list from a gift shop, recommending developing a similar list for Sunshine as a convenience, and comments on a Progressive Farmer article.

Alice Logan Wingo thanks Martha Berry for writing to Dr. Goldwaithe on her behalf, but she is unsure whether or not she will be able to afford his services. She also advises Martha Berry to close the Girls School the last two months as a way to help with the schools financial problems.

Martha Berry writes that only 45 girls will be at school that summer so the sewing room will be closed. She writes that Miss Smith has insisted on coming back to teach that summer, but that she isn't needed. She writes that Dr. Goldthwait will be giving his services and it would be good if Miss Wingo could have him treat her arthritis

The Berry Schools writes to Miss Wilmot apologizing for not having sent her rug to her as they have been busy, but they explain that it will be ready in the next few days. They hope that she will visit the schools on her way North.

Letter encloses a $4.00 receipt for a scarf made by workers in Sunshine Cottage at Berry.

Jessie Powers agrees to make the baby dress Martha Berry requested, expresses sorrow that Berry has had such a hard summer, and looks forward to returning to the school.

Berry instructs the Executive Committee to issue orders to the Sewing Room and Sunshine Cottage that no orders are to be filled without approval from her office. She is concerned that orders are being filled for ballad costumes and other items "not along the lines which we wish to advertise"

Glad you are happy with the gift made by girls at Sunhine Cottage. We are having two more made for you.

Letter from Mrs. E.J. Matthews to Miss Berry thanking her for a little bag she had received, and ordering two more and paying $1.50.


A letter to Mr. Blake thanking him for the package of woolen clothes for the girls in Sunshine cottage. She is also hoping for him to come visit the schools with the New York "Pilgrims" next Spring.

Martha Berry advises John Harvey Kellogg of her expected arrival at the Battle Creek Sanitarium and that she will be accompanied by a student to help with the exhibit she is planning.

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