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Inez reports on plans for an exhibit, attending a Kiwanis Club meeting, and mining for the names of wealthy residents of Thomasville. She hopes that someone will go to Sunday School at Possum Trot; she feels that if she can get better acquainted witht the people she can get stories from them that will help the school.

The Berry Schools write to Miss Walker thanking her for the radio that they received. They say that since the Possum Trot school is closed, the radio would be a better fit with the boys at the Foundation School and that they will install it where best on the campus.

Miss Berry thanks Miss Liggett for the boxes of Christmas presents she sent to Berry and describes where all of the presents went. She also describes the Berry Schools' Christmas which was "the most wonderful Christmas [she] had ever experienced." She writes that she though of the Liggett's when the Christmas boxes where being opened and tells her to thanks the rest of her family.

Ruth Cummock expresses her love for the Berry Schools because of her recent trip, where she met and talked with Martha Berry. She also discusses her spreading of information about Berry to her friends so that they may also help the Schools.

Martha Berry suggests that Mr. Clary see how the church is run at Berea so that he could implement some of the practices at Possum Trot Community Church. She also asks Mr. Clary if it would be possible to visit any of the staff or students that become ill enough to visit the hospital. She tells him that she has asked that report be given to her that gives her an update on those who are ill enough to be sent to the hospital.

Mrs. Jane Bruere writes to Martha Berry thanking her for the gift of a copy of the Southern Highlander as well as a copy of The Sunday Lady of Possum Trot.

This document is the program of events for the Pilgrims' visit to The Berry Schools. It includes the dates of the visit and the many events that will occur.

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