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F. G. Barber writes Martha Berry a thank you letter for sending a photograph of the entrance gates and driveway of the Berry School to include in their volume on Idealism. She indicates the photograph will be included and returned.

Helen Hitchcock writes Emily Hammond to tell her about an exhibit being put on at the Art Center by the Colonial Dames' titled, "Gates of Opportunity." She says that exhibit reminds her very much of the Berry Schools and urges Hammond to bring Martha Berry to see the exhibition.


Miss Robertson informs Martha Berry that she gave a report at her mission school about the Berry Schools. She also encloses an article on the topic of atheism and says she is glad Miss Berry's school does not tolerate such a thing. She also thanks Miss Berry for the lavender bag she received.

This letter documents The Berry Schools sending Mr. McKee from Yale University Press a photograph of the Gate of Opportunity.

McKee requests a photograph of the Berry School for the Yale University Press volume on education in the Pageant of America. He is most interested in a photo of the Gate of Opportunity that appeared in The New York Times.

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