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Miss Martha Berry has become ill with bronchitis and will probably have to cancel her St. Louis engagement. She inquires about when she is to meet Mr. Penny again as she has not yet received an answer for when he expects her. Furthermore, Miss Berry writes that the school is falling behind in raising money for their running expenses, and she has already used every means she can think of to raise funds.

Miss Berry asks Mr. Cockrill to check on the taxes for the lots down in Druid Hills.

A letter to Martha Berry from C. F. Barnes describing the donation that Barnes is supposed to be giving to the schools. She explains that she has been away and has not been able to come visit the schools.

Berry thanks Kalbfleisch for is monetary contribution and writes that she hopes to meet with him when she is in New York to learn more about the Florida pecan grove he gave to the schools. She refers to her sadness at the death of her mother.

Erwin A. Holt reports on his trip to Florida.

Erwin Holt writes Martha Berry to update her on his activities. He congratulates her on the 25th Anniversary of the school and commiserates over the fire at Crozer Hall. He also pledges to send a $200 donation on April 20.

Martha Berry expresses great appreciation for Mr. Sloane's gift; she discusses the roof of a dormitory building that nears completion. Martha Berry invites Mr. Sloane to Berry during his trip from Florida back to New York.

Letter to Henry K. McHarg from Martha Berry informing him that the bonds he sent have arrived and are safely placed. She also informs him that the treasurer and trustees are very pleased and grateful for the gift he gave in honor of his wife. She also informs him that the gift will go into the Endowment fund and will help boys and girls in the future. She offers for him to spend his vacation at Berry, even stating that it is better than Florida and that he would be better taken care of.

A letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Albert Johnson after being told about her by their mutual friend Mrs. Yardley. Martha Berry mentions her niece, Mrs. Frances Wright Price, who lives in Miami. Miss Berry thinks Mrs. Price would be interested in meeting Mrs. Johnson. Martha Berry also encloses literature about the Berry Schools and mentions that they've had several students from Florida.

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