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Achelis inquires about the failure of the endowment fund and offers her opinion that the withdrawal of Mr. Ochs is a "blessing in disguise" and a "lucky escape." Achelis comments that complications invariably arise when Christians accept financial assistance from Jews.

Achelis thanks Berry for the Christmas fruit cake and sends good wishes for the new year.

Thank you letter to Achelis for her gift of $4,000.

Achelis contributes $4,000 gained from the "spectacular rise" of Radio Corporation of America stock. She hopes this gift will set the stage for good luck with donors during Berry's upcoming New York visit.

Achelis thanks Berry for the Christmas lavender sachet, which she has placed in her lingerie drawer, and sends new year's good wishes.. She will not be able to join the Pilgrims this year, but knows that her friends Mr. and Mrs. William Starr Myers will be attending.

Achelis encloses her annual contribution of two scholarships, one for a boy and one for a girl. She regrets that family commitments prevent her from attending the Berry dinner, but she will tune in to the radio broadcast and receive a report from Dr. and Mrs. Myers, who are attending.

Alpheus Geer of the Marshall Stillman Movement encloses a donation to the Berry Schools.

This is a list of the money collected for the "Silver Roll" separated in two lists, check and cash form. Donors include Achelis's maid, butler, and waitress.

Achelis wishes Berry a happy New Year and thanks her for the delicious blackberry jam she received for Christmas.

Achelis writes to Hammond about the Christmas gift given to the Pilgrims by Mrs. Brigham Chisholm, an appeal for a "negro school" she received, her hopes the Rockefellers might be interested in Berry, and her work.


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