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Berry's Easter greetings brought Hammond pleasure. She sends greetings to Berry's sisters and niece, and encloses a check.


Letter to Martha Berry from Grace B. Hadley informing Miss Berry that she has enclosed a check for part of the payment on her scholarship. She also informs Miss Berry that she has been to the Holy Lands and Egypt but that otherwise the check she should have received the check around Easter. She also expresses her hope that Miss Berry is doing well and that the schools are continuing to go along satisfactorily.

Margaret sends her good wishes to Miss Berry.

William P. Chase transcribes a note to the Berry Schools enclosing a check for four gentleman mentioned in a past publication.

Grace Barnes sends Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Barnes an Easter Card.

Achelis sends thanks for the Easter violets, "bonnie Easter rabbit," and photograph of Martha Berry "just as you are, siting so naturally at your desk." Achelis has written to Miss Moore and expects to see Prof. and Mrs. Myers and Mrs. Hammond soon. (letter incomplete)

Berry thanks Achelis for Dr. Norwood's book, which she is enjoying and will pass on to the boys and girls when she is done. Berry is saddened by the death of Mrs. Marquand, remembers her visit to Achelis's home, and sends her regards to her maid, chauffeur, and other staff.

Card written on the first Easter after the death of Berry's mother.


Letter with 2$ Easter donation.

Mathews sends thanks for the calendar and an early Easter check.

Sayles sends good wishes for Easter.


$50.00 donation from Grace B. Hadley to the Berry schools.


Linda H. Cann sends Martha Berry a $5 donation that was intended as an Easter offering. However, she received the donation from Mrs. Nellie Verdow and S. S. Clash to send too late for it to arrive on time.

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