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Hornblower is advising Miss Berry of a donation of National Geographic magazines.

Erwin A. Holt sends a donation check of $600 for a Thanksgiving offering, discussing his last visit to Berry.

Letter to Miss Anna W Hollenback from Martha Berry first saying that she was happy to hear of her recovery from illness. She mentions her gratitude in Hollenback thinking of the Berry students during this hard time in her life. She finishes by thanking her for her donation and inviting her to come down for a visit.

Mrs Heath sends donation for thanksgiving.

Letter thanking Miss Hayden for her donation of money and books for the school, and she goes on to describe the hard process of choosing which students may stay and work on campus in order to save up for the next year's tuition.

The Berry Schools write to Mrs. Thomas M. Taylor thanking her for her donation towards the Emily V. Hammond Scholarship Fund.

Mr. Hamilton informs Martha Berry that her letter to Mrs. Hamilton arrived, but that Mrs. Hamilton passed away the previous year. He tells her that a family friend visited Berry and was impressed by their work. He encloses a $5 donation to the scholarship fund.

Martha Berry thanks Harry Carlson for his donation to the Chapel Fund. She also expresses her desire for him to attend their Armistice Day celebration.

This text shows the heading of a document from Countess L. Szechenyi with $150 enclosed.

The Studt's write to Martha Berry with a donation to the school.


This is a letter with one hundred dollars for the Berry Schools.


Elizabeth Stedmond encloses check for $25 for the Berry Schools and asks that her aunt, Mrs. Elizabeth De Maine, who has passed away, be removed from the list of subscribers.

Mrs. Thomas J. Stevenson wishes to donate a box, partly clothing and other useful items, for use by the Berry Schools.

Mrs. George Shiras sends $150.

Mrs. Shepard writes to Martha with a donation to the Berry Schools.

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