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Martha Berry writes about meeting Mrs Carlisle in Philidelphia and her subsequent flu which renders her unable to accept Mrs Carlisle's spend a month in Carlsbad.

Martha Berry reports on a trip to Mentone and hopes to be able to see the Bonnyman family soon.

Lucile W. Murchison writes to finalize arrangements for Martha Berry's talk to her women' group and a luncheon afterwards. Murchison expresses the hope that Berry's "cure" at Carlsbad has benefitted her.

In this very warm letter, Miss Berry expresses her regret that she cannot travel with Miss Hollenback to Carlsbad this summer. She states that she really enjoys traveling with Miss Hollenback and that she will write to her c/o Morgan & Co. while she is away.

Martha Berry writes of her disappointment at missing a trip to Carlsbad, but was needed to care for her sister after an automobile accident.

Berry reports on her European trip, her stay at Carlsbad, and the Edith Macy Memorial Library. She reminisces about happy days with Ladd and expresses confidence that Ladd and her husband will return to good health.

This letter is thanking Mr. Erwin Holt for his gift that he made to the Berry Schools. Martha Berry also tells Mr. Holt about her first trip across the ocean in sixteen years to Carlsbad.

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