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Martha Berry reports that she has recently returned from Mentone, where she worked on repairing her mother's house. She writes of asking for special rates for Berry teachers and friends at the Battle Creek Sanitarium, and says that she plans to spend time in Carlsbad soon.

Martha Berry writes of her plans to spend time at Tate and the Battle Creek Sanitarium, and asks Neal to join her.

John Harvey Kellogg regrets that Martha Berry was not able to visit the sanitarium in the fall but is glad to hear of the support Berry is receiving from Mr. Ford.

Gertrude Johnson wished to find accommodations at Berry for a young woman and expresses regret that Martha Berry was not able to visit in the fall.

Celia M. Elliot expresses hopes of speaking with Martha Berry while she is at the Battle Creek Sanitarium.

Martha Berry provides details for her trip to Battle Creek Sanitarium.

Martha Berry advises John Harvey Kellogg of her expected arrival at the Battle Creek Sanitarium and that she will be accompanied by a student to help with the exhibit she is planning.

John Harvey Kellogg sends thanks for Martha Berry's Christmas remembrance.

Martha Berry writes to Dr. Gertrude Johnson of her plans to visit Battle Creek Sanitarium. For an exhibit, she plans bring a student helper, examples of materials woven at the school, and motion pictures of the school.


Miss Berry asks Dr. Johnson whether she knows if Dr. Kellogg is currently at home so she can travel to Battle Creek and ask him to endorse some recommendations for the Pictorial Review Award. Dr. Johnson responds, stating that Dr. Kellogg will be home all summer and that she has arranged suitable accomodations for her if she decides to visit.

Helen Forbes reports on a conversation with Henry and Clara Ford while at Battle Creek Sanitarium during the National Conference on Race Betterment.

Martha Berry writes of her disappointment at missing a trip to Carlsbad, but was needed to care for her sister after an automobile accident.

Martha Berry writes about visiting Mr. Campbell in Battle Creek. She writes about Bess's health and how Dr. Harbin does not know when she'll be able to go home. She also talks about Frances' broken collar bone, and about Mildred and the children.


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