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This is a letter from Martha Berry to many of Berry's supporters. She asks that the reader donate money to the school, preferably $150 each, so that she can continue to accept boys and girls into the school.

This card notes a donation of $150.



The letter is asking for donations so that more students can attend the Berry Schools.

After celebrating Berry's twenty-fifth anniversary, Martha Berry requests $150 in order to keep Berry's students in school.

A letter asking for donations of $150 to pay for a student to attend the Berry Schools for a year. Person writes back that he is already giving to the Ozark Mountain School.

The form's second page contains the story of Elizabeth, who developed pneumonia. Elizabeth will have to drop out of school unless the recipient helps. Recipient, Mrs. Morris Hawkes, gave a $150 scholarship.

Mary Hepburn is thanked for her gift of $150.00. The new spring term has opened, and there are several new boys and girls.

Letter to Mrs. Bruce Ford from Martha Berry, asking if Mrs. Ford could invest $150 dollars to the school as a way to keep some of the students in classes for a year.

A letter to Mr. Treat asking for a donation of $150 in order to pay one student's tuition at Berry for a year. Mrs. Treat informs the school that Mr. Treat passed away and she sends a small donation in his memory.

Mrs. W. W. Seely sends $150 to The Berry Schools.

Martha Berry tells Miss Robertson that she appreciates her interest in the Berry Schools and her donations. She explains that a gift of $150 will provide for one student for a year, and that any gift will be appreciated.

A letter to Mrs. Lawrence thanking her for her donation of $150 for a scholarship and establishment of other yearly scholarships as well. Mrs. Lawrence returned the letter with her understanding of the agreement.

This letter to Mrs. Goldmark asks for any donations she can spare so more young people can go to Berry. A $10 donation is recorded in the corner.

Mrs. Franklin sends a check for $150 to go towards Eugene.

Mrs. Wm. Butterworth sends $150.


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