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This letter was enclosed with a $25 donation. This letter is in response to one that Mrs. Curry received from Martha Berry.


Letter from Daphne Seybolt Culpepper thanks Miss Berry for invitiation to visit Berry Schools. She asks that if Miss Berry visits New York, she visit Daphne to tell her about Miss Berry's work.

Martha Berry talks about Mr. Culpepper's association with the south and the school. Martha Berry expresses her wish for Mrs. Culpepper to visit Berry so she can meet the boys and girls and thus experience The real Berry.


In this letter Mrs. Crowther sends The Berry Schools a check for $12.20 representing the gift of the Phalo.


Martha Berry is replying to a letter from Ben Crownover, stating that they do not normally accept girls under 14 years old, but will send his inquiry to Leland Green, who will provide more details.

A letter thanking Mrs. Crowninshield for all her help over the past eleven years and informing of her some of the highlights at the school during that time and presently. Additionally, an invitation to come back and visit the school either on her way to Florida or on her way back.

An acknowledgement letter to Mrs. F. B. Crowninshield for her gift to the schools, and inviting her to visit if coming north from Florida.

Miss Berry is thanking Mr. Growell for his $20.00 donation and for his poems, which have inspired the students. She also tells him that he is welcome to visit (and stay for a spell) any time he wishes.

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