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Mr. Callaway encloses a check for $25 as part of his quarterly payment for his annual scholarship he provides.

Samuel Carter sends a $20 donation to the Berry Schools.

Bertha Brooks sends Miss Berry $100 annual gift.

Nellie Brown thanks Martha Berry for the box of cotton she received. In return, she sends a $10 donation and a box containing some sweaters.

Letter to the Berry Schools from Frederick A. Brown concerning a donation to the schools of $25.

Mr. Arnold donates $150 as a scholarship for one student at the Berry Schools.

Mr. Adams sends a check of $10 after receiving a letter from the Berry Schools.

Rev. Adriance sends a check for $25.00 to be used as deemed best.

Mrs. Cochran donates $150 to the Berry Schools.

Clarke is sorry to hear about recent weather damage the schools have received. He enclosed $200 as his annual contribution to Berry.

Mrs. Hardy sends a $20.00 donation to the Berry Schools.

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