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Helen Childs Cushing writes about her travel to Berry and regrets that she did not meet Martha Berry. She is glad the R.L. Colonial Dames are interested in Berry.

In this telegram Helen Cushing tells Martha Berry that she will be arriving in Atlanta at 8:35 Friday morning on a train leaving from Newark.

In this letter Martha Berry tells Helen Cushing that she would be happy to meet her in Atlanta, or she could take a train into Rome. Martha Berry also informs her that she will not charge to get her in Atlanta, nor for staying at the Berry Schools.

In this telegram, Helen Cushing asks The Berry Schools how long she could stay if she arrives on March first, and if someone could meet her in Atlanta.

In this letter Martha Berry tells Helen Cushing that she just received her letter addressed to the berry Schools in Athens, Georgia and reminds her that the Berry Schools are located in Mt. Berry, Georgia

A letter to Mr. Curry expressing excitement for his visit to the Berry Schools.

George Curry tries to set up a time to come speak to the students at Berry. He thanks her for the invitation but expresses his hesitation in his ability to perform a speech satisfactory to their expectations. He however does make an effort to set up a time.

MIss Berry invites George Curry to preach before the boys and girls at Berry.

A thank you letter for the two boxes of children's clothes Mrs. Curry sent while Martha Berry was away.

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