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What Is an Editor?

What do MBDA editors do?
When you’re an Editor for MBDA, your role is to review and describe documents. You'll answer simple questions about a letter’s author, recipient, and date. In doing so, you'll make the archive more useful for everyone, and you'll help us identify important writings that need careful, scholarly attention.
MBDA editors contribute important skills.
Editing skills include creativity, the ability to work with others, and the ability to follow a precise set of guidelines. Not sure you have what it takes? Don't worry. We have confidence in you. And if you get stuck, easy-to-follow guidelines are available at every step along the way.
Editors create new links between readers and writers.
Good editing can help readers understand what an author has written and can offer fresh insights into an author, into a period in history, and into important people and events.
Editing Learning.
MBDA editors help others understand writings in the collection. Thanks to your important contributions, we can share these writings with readers across the globe, who can study and learn from them.
MBDA Editors get credit.
Your contributions are valuable and they're recognized. Editors are cited on the Community page and within document citations. As your edits and expertise increase, you may even be invited to participate as an Editor +, gaining increased editorial permissions. Prefer to contribute anonymously? That's okay too. Just update your user profile to private.

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