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The author expresses his wish that he could give more money to the school and hopes that he can hear more about the work that the schools are doing when he is in better health.

A letter to L. T. Hagood from Martha Berry, asking him not to try to employ workers already at Berry until the school term is over, as they were needed to work at Berry first.



A letter from E. H. Hoge to Martha Berry regarding the financial situation of the schools and his suggestions on how to reduce the costs, including decreasing the work force and not entering any new business ventures. He also states that the school took in far less money than at that time the year before.

Martha Berry is responding to a request from Mrs. E. H. Hoge about a senior girl, and suggesting that the girl (who is a senior) perhaps take a break from schooling to work for Mrs. Hoge full time, and return to school later.



The author informs Mr. Ham that while they appreciate his interest, the Berry school cannot make and sell an article that he requested because they only have a small weaving room and a few looms. The author apologizes and wishes Mr. Ham the best of luck with his project.

A letter of thanks to Miss Martha Berry for the letter opener he received from her in the mail. He goes on to mention her letter of thanks for his work in installing a pump at the Boy's High School Store and how he was happy to be of assistance to her institution.


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Martha Berry thanks Martha Graham for her messages and says she thinks of her often. She expresses hope that the reunion will go well, and then tells Martha Graham that she will be satisfied with wherever Martha Graham can find work.

Martha Berry is writing to let Mrs. Graham know that she received the flowers she sent and is enjoying them. She expresses hope that Mrs. Graham's work is going well and thanks her for being thoughtful.

Martha Berry tells Mr. Gottschalk that it was a pleasure to have him visit Berry and that she is glad he is a friend of the work they are doing. She hopes that he will return on his next trip south.

In this letter Martha Berry tells Mrs. Ely that the girls she suggested will not be furnish the girls she suggested.

Berry sends thanks for the Easter handkerchief, though she fears Henderson spent too much for it, especially as it is so expensive to live in Brooklyn.

Berry refuses McDowell's request for domestic employment at the schools in order to learn about and apply the schools educational practices with African American students. Berry describes the philosophy of work well done and tells McDowell that close observation would reveal nothing else.

McDowell seeks domestic employment at Berry as a way to observe and learn about the schools's educational practices, having read about the school in various publications. She wishes to be able to introduce Berry's practices in schools for African American students.

This is a list of work that needs to be done at Pilgrim Hall and the amount of money each job will cost. The total is also added up and included on the bottom of the sheet.

Martha Berry writes to Audrey with advice about her plans to work and get out on her own with her baby. Martha Berry advises Audrey to stay with Mrs Williams and care for her baby.

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