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A thank you letter for selling the display in the Weaving Room for the school and an invitation to come to the Commencement.

A letter informing Mrs. Henry that Mr. Simonds and Mrs. Siccardi's donations were received. Hoge also mentions that Mrs. Henry Ford's brother Mr. Bryant visited on his way to see the Fords in Way, Georgia.

The author informs Mr. Ham that while they appreciate his interest, the Berry school cannot make and sell an article that he requested because they only have a small weaving room and a few looms. The author apologizes and wishes Mr. Ham the best of luck with his project.

Mr. Pulsifer writes to thank Miss Berry for sending him the things from the weaving room and regrets that there was not a suitable wedding gift among them.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Judd for sending hte scraps of silk to be used for clothing. Martha Berry also says that she trusts that Mrs. Judd will come visit when she is in the South.

Martha Berry requests that Mrs. Shulenberger send her the pattern for the old coverlet, as well as any other patterns she can find, for use in the weaving room.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Milton for her letter and thanks her for the rugs to copy which will be sent to her daughter once they are finished in the weaving room. Miss Berry also asks for Mrs. Milton to visit once she is strong enough and when the cotton fields are white.

Miss Berry is returning $2 of a $4 payment for a fan order that cannot be filled presently.

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