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A thank you letter for selling the display in the Weaving Room for the school and an invitation to come to the Commencement.

Martha Berry hopes that Mrs. Hill has received the items that she ordered from the Weaving Department. She says that she inquired and the package was mailed on Friday, March 17th.

A letter describing and providing the price for a rug that Mr. Gavan had inquired about some weeks beforehand.

A letter explaining a plant Dr. Gordon wanted to send to the woman in charge of weaving and display work in addition to a sample of the plant in a separate cover.

Mrs. M. Estelle Palmer sends a $10 donation as well as a $4.25 payment to the Weaving Dept.

The Berry Schools write to Mrs. S. S. Price in regard to her order of a rag rug. The Schools regret to inform her that the weaving department is closed for the summer but offer to forward the order to her later--hopefully by September--when the department reopens.

In this letter Martha Berry tells Mrs. Mathewson that they do not have a price list for the weaving department, however they will try their best to fill her order.

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