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Martha Berry hopes that Mrs. Hill has received the items that she ordered from the Weaving Department. She says that she inquired and the package was mailed on Friday, March 17th.

Martha Berry is responding to Joyce Harriman's request for literature or examples from the Berry weaving department for her research. Martha Berry informs her that they don't have any literature (that they just use the standard old and common patterns).

Joyce Harriman is writing her Master's thesis in Fine Arts at Ohio State on the subject of "Appalachian Weaving", and asks the Berry Schools if they have any literature or examples they can provide for her.

The author informs Mr. Ham that while they appreciate his interest, the Berry school cannot make and sell an article that he requested because they only have a small weaving room and a few looms. The author apologizes and wishes Mr. Ham the best of luck with his project.

The Berry Schools write to Miss Koch about a bag and scarf that she had returned, letting her know that it couldn't be done exactly the same way when repaired. They let her know that it could be refunded or possibly redone with a different scarf that will look like the bag if she would like.


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The Berry Schools tell Miss Earnshaw that they've received her letter about the pictures of the furniture placed in Emily Cottage. Since Miss Berry is away, no one is able to authorize the expenditure. All the shopman wants is to know what is required, and then he can make his own diagram. The Schools ask Miss Earnshaw what kind of curtains the cottage needs so they can be woven during the summer. A small sample of the color is all they need.

Letter to Mrs. C. F. Barnes from Martha Berry concerning an order she put in for a towel from the weaving department and informing her that they have mailed the first towel.


Letter to Mrs. Howard C. Warren from Martha Berry concerning a rug that Mrs. Warren bought while at one of Miss Berry's exhibits at Princeton. Miss Berry offers to have the smaller version of the same rug made by the girls but also concedes that it will take some time to reach her because they are training the new girls to weave.

Berry Schools responds to an inquiry by Miss Mason about articles woven by the girls.

Mr. Cooper invites Miss Berry and her loom weaving industry to exhibit home industries.

Frances writes to ask if there is a catalogue or price list of the hand woven goods.

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