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Martha Berry thanks Mr. Welles for his gift which came at a time when it was really needed. Berry also writes about the Christmas at Berry.

Theodore Welles writes Martha Berry to thank her for the jar of watermelon preserve and a copy of the Southern Highlander. He also sends a check for $10.00 for her to use in her work at the school.

Mrs. Swett says she enjoyed the preserved water melon rind that was sent to her. She sends in return a check for $15 and a bundle containing various clothing.

Elizabeth Oliver thanks Martha Berry for the watermelon rind preserve she received. In return, she sends a $25 donation to the Berry Schools.

L.E. Lowrie thanks Martha for sending her watermelon preservatives for Christmas. However they didn't make it to her because the box was too flimsy and broke. Martha Berry then replies in a letter of apology.

Mrs. Merrick thanks Martha Berry for the gift of water melon preserves she received. She also sends $100 to the Berry Schools.

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