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Martha Berry writes to Mr. Ragsdale to express her sympathy for the family of Dr. Tomlinson, who was always so nice to her when she went to Tate. She also thanks him for sending the water.

Shipment order form that tells of sixty pounds worth of bottled water, which was meant to be delivered to the Berry Schools.

The invoice credits Miss Martha Berry for 150 returned Empty Crated Demijohns.

Berry asks Hamrick to do something about the water, which is too muddy to drink.



E. H. Hoge, the Comptroller for the Berry Schools, writes to E. G. Liebold to acknowledge a check sent by Henry Ford for $11,426.22 to cover the cost for a new water supply.

S.P. Coalson writes to Martha Berry enclosing information about Radio Springs water, suggesting that she take advantage of the "health giving properties and results" of the water, and offering to deliver a free sample.

Berry instructs that a letter be sent to Mrs. Hammond that she is out in the mountains and will answer her letter when she returns. On Tate Springs Hotel stationery.

Benscot Mineral Springs notes that they have received Berry's order for lithia water but have been delayed in filling it due to men having the flu.


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Letter sending receipt for empty carboy, requesting credit memo for same, and requesting one carboy of Tate water be sent by return express.

The General Manager of Tate Springs Development confirms having Martha's letter from December 16. They are at once shipping her one demijohn of water.

The General Manager states that only one of the three carboy bottles being returned to Tate Springs has been received, therefore the statement that Martha Berry had written about is correct and should be paid.

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