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Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Hamblet profusely for her gift to the school. She informs Mrs. Hamblet that Berry has a long waiting list for students who want to enter, and that each gift is put toward scholarships for the most needy. Martha Berry describes one letter about a boy whose father is a drunkard, and mentions that she prays every night that help will come to the needy children.

Miss Berry writes that she is mailing all the information he requested under separate cover. She also says that at that time no students are being accepted because the schools are filled to the limit, but Mr. Burr's friend could fill out the application and it would be put on file.

Martha Berry thanks Elizabeth M. Frothingham for her most recent contribution.

Berry writes that the school is full and so there is no place available for Emma.

Martha Berry writes about the former students that attended the 25th anniversary celebration. She strongly urges her friends to send help to keep oneof the present students in school for a year with a $150 gift.

Martha Berry sends a letter to Mr Campsall, written by Mr Hoge, that details the current needs at The Berry Schools because Mr Ford had instructed her to do so for prompt attention.

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