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This is a letter to Miss Berry from Rose Murger addressing the check she has enclosed for part of her scholarship at Berry. She also talks about the trip she had planed to visit the Berry School and also thanked Martha Berry for her great education.

A letter from Martha Berry stating that the DAR is welcome to visit the Berry schools during the summer. The letter includes directions from Atlanta to the Berry schools.


Grace Everett writes to ask Martha Berry when it would be convenient to visit the Berry Schools. She notes that she will be in Nashville the next week and knows it is last minute for a visit, but thanks Martha Berry for her "cordial and generous response" to her letter.

The letter welcomes Dr. Mayr to America as well as inquiring when he is coming to visit the Berry Schools. Miss Berry mentions colleagues that Dr. Mayr may want to meet as well as options of transportation to get to Berry School.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Elkins for a hospitable lunch and wishes to meet Mr. Elkins as she knew his mother. She extends an open invitation to visit Berry during their trip South and make use of the Berry guest house.

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