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A letter to Mr. Curry expressing excitement for his visit to the Berry Schools.

Grace Crowell would like to make a trip to Georgia to visit Martha Berry and others who work at the school.

A thank you letter to Miss Elizabeth for the gifts she and Mrs. White left during their visit to Berry while Martha was away.

A letter of thanks to Mr. Hill for sending an autographed copy of his latest book, "How to See Your Way Through Life." Martha Berry mentions the newspaper article he enclosed in his letter and how she feels about the information found there. She invites him and Mrs. Hill for a visit soon to Berry for them to stay a one of the little guest houses.

Mr. Gunby informs Martha Berry that he and his friends, who are representatives of A.I.B, have used their influence in order to encourage more wealthy patrons to donate to the Berry Schools.

A letter thanking Miss Martha Berry for the hospitality afforded Frank and his family and friend on their visit and stay at the sunshine cottage at The Berry Schools. Also regret that Miss Martha Berry's absence made it impossible for them to meet her.

A letter thanking Martha Berry for her kindness during their visit and expressing her enjoyment of preaching at the Chapel during the same visit.

A letter expressing how nice of a time Mrs. Dull had during her visit to the Berry Schools and an offer to return and teach some of the students to make various types of food.

A letter to the Director of Publicity at Berry from Warren Duffee, Cobb County Times News Editor, asking if his party can visit the campus and what accommodations they would be able to use during their visit.

A letter expressing how much Mr. and Mrs. Hoppin enjoyed their visit to Berry the previous Spring, in addition to two donations of $100.

A letter discussing travel arrangements for Mr. Holt's visit to Berry on April 5th.

A letter to Miss Martha Berry informing her of his plans for his visit to Rome on April 6th, and his fear that he might not actually be able to come at that time because his fear that Connie Mack might not be up to it.

A letter communicating plans for his upcoming visit to Berry while also notifying Martha of his upcoming vacation to Florida with Mrs. Holt

A letter informing Mr. Holt of an invitation Martha Berry's extending to Connie Hack to visit the Berry Schools.

A letter to Martha Berry expressing how much he enjoyed his last visit to Berry and how he's recommending other people to visit as well.

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