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Miss Berry is thanking Mr. Growell for his $20.00 donation and for his poems, which have inspired the students. She also tells him that he is welcome to visit (and stay for a spell) any time he wishes.

Martha acknowledges Mrs Crowell's letter about her family's upcoming visit to Berry, discusses the best date to arrive and some arrival arrangements . Martha also mentions Mrs Crowell's current trip to North Carolina.

Marian writes to Martha apologizing for not answering sooner but they had been out of town. Marian also mentions that Mrs. Cromwell asked to thank Martha for the invitation but currently has no plans to visit Atlanta but will Martha know if she will ever be near the schools.

Martha Berry tells Mr. Hoehler how happy she is to have him speak at Commencement. She says that she hopes he will bring his family with him. She thanks him again and asks if it is true that Mrs. Meacham has passed away.

A letter from Martha Berry thanking Mrs. Hope for her letter regarding Miss Gerard. She goes on to state how glad she is that Mrs. Hope is so near to Berry. She invites Mrs. Hope to join the Pilgrim's there for a visit next Tuesday, April 19th.

A letter to Mrs. Henry from Samuel Hill talking of his and his wife's visit to Berry earlier the month before and the promise of a donation in July. He is sending it earlier on the early attribution of $150.00.

The letter's author begs Miss Berry's pardon for his being unable to visit on Founder's Day (due to his engagements at Court) and informs her that he will be present the coming Saturday (as a tag-along to Miss Josephine Wilkins, who is scheduled to talk to the students). He also suggests that he and she talk about setting up a Press at Berry, as it has been successfully pulled off by The University of North Carolina.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Hayes for remembering her on Mothers' Day. She hopes that Miss Hayes will come to Berry for commencement and the alumni banquet. She says that she has not been feeling well but is looking forward to seeing everyone who visits.

Martha Berry asks the company if they might be willing to donate seeds to help the boys studying agriculture. She enclosed a list of seeds that might be good for the boys to work with. She also says that she hopes they will come up and visit the school.

A letter informing Mrs. Hammond of Miss Berry's intent of making a trip to New York for the medal of the National Institute of Social Sciences meeting. She then goes on to describe her excitement in seeing Mrs. Hammond and her entire group of Pilgrims on April 18th. She apologizes for not being able to suggest friends who might make the journey with Mrs. Hammond and the pilgrims. She concludes by sending her love along with the boys and girls.


A letter rejecting the idea of Miss Henry coming up to stay at Mr. Gurney's Inn, saying the lack of guests makes the effort at that time of year not worth it, but offering instead for her to come sometime from the middle of July until Labor Day

The author informs the recipient that a list of donors to the Emily Hammond scholarship is enclosed.

This is a thank you note from Marion B. Gebbie about a visit to the Berry Schools.


Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Forrest for sending a subscription to American Forests and invites her to visit the school.

Thanks to Mrs. Davis from Martha Berry for her donation to the school, and she goes on to talk of the improvements of Berry as well as the new Science and Agriculture building. She then invites Mrs. Davis down for another visit.

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