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A letter communicating plans for his upcoming visit to Berry while also notifying Martha of his upcoming vacation to Florida with Mrs. Holt

May E. Hall tells Martha Berry that she is sending a check from Mr. Sloane to her since Mr. Sloane has left for Europe and Ms. Hall wants to make sure the check is not overlooked later on. This check would be the second payment towards Mr. Sloane's pledge of $100,000. Mrs. Hall also mentions to Miss Berry that she enjoyed meeting her nephew and that she hoped he was able to acquire some knowledge in the few weeks he stayed with her.

Wingo asks Berry whether Lena has consulted about her vacation plans.


Miss Berry informs Miss Walker that she has written Miss Florence Schopp that she will be happy to see her in New York. Miss Berry also gives Miss Walker an update on the work at the Schools.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Sturges to tell her that she could accept her invitation to visit in November and asks when would be a convenient time for her to come. She notes that it would be good that she visits so she may gain new friends and raise interest for Berry in Phildelphia.


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