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Elizabeth writes to Martha to inquire about an open position through April of next year, preferably in the dining-room or kitchen.

Martha Berry writes to Miss Winter to inform her that there are no open positions at The Berry Schools at this time but encloses an application blank in the even that there is a vacancy.

Berry writes to Wingo to handle the fact that she does not want guests tipping students, and that they must not take anything as it cheapens the school.

Martha Berry explains to Miss McLeod that there are no positions available at Berry for the fall term, but she will send her information to the principal about any future possibilities.

This is a letter to Mrs. Kneisly from Martha Berry in regards to working at Berry Schools. She says that there are no vacant positions, but that she will keep Mrs. Kneisly's name on file in case any come up. She also sends Mrs. Kneisly some literature about the schools to pass on to others.

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