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Mrs. Hicks writes to inform Sophia Alston that a money order is on the way to pay for Esther's uniforms, and expresses her regret that the money is late.

Martha Berry encloses samples of the uniform goods for the girls' dresses which will hopefully reach Miss Hedges in time for her program. She also thanks her for the help from the "Doing Our Bit" girls.

Martha Berry expresses how dear her friendship with Mr. Crane is and lets him know how interested she is in the dressmaker he knows.

Martha Berry catches up with her friend and thanks him for sending a dressmaker to Berry.

Berry asks Wingo to instruct the girls to have their bonnets ready and to expect to practice marching into the Chapel as soon as the quarantine is lifted.

Berry has sent uniform dresses to be sold to a needy girl, asks Wingo to investigate the relationship between a boy named Usher and Florence Plum, and trouble with the senior class.

Miss Berry tells Mr. Hamrick to have the roads ready because she is excepting important guests in early January.

Miss Berry tells Mr. Hamrick that she would like the roads to be in good shape and new trees planted along the road of remembrance before Jan. 9th.

Miss Berry acknowledges the gift from the World Wide Guild of the Fifth Baptist Church and notes she has sent a letter to the secretary of the organization. She also writes that she has written to Miss Hatch about the uniforms she wanted to supply. She thanks Miss Gill for all her help and tells her that she has had to cancel her speaking engagements because of her health.

Dean of Women sent out a catalogue of expense for Velma, adding that she still needs a uniform and vest.

Miss Berry asks Bradley Knitting Co. for their lowest cost of caps for the girls' uniforms.

Berry sends instructions to Bonner, including asking her to rush to New York movies, a blue gingham uniform, and a pink sun bonnet that will fit Inez.

Berry thanks Selden for his contribution and asks that he send the names of prospective donors to fund for building a gymnasium.

Berry encloses a letter from Mr. Chambers and asks Wingo to follow up with him, as "it seems that all of our friends are like flowers." She suggests that Wingo might borrow a typewriter for the girls who won English pins and tells her that someone has sent his opinions of the schools to Emily Vanderbilt Hammond and John D. Rockefeller in which he criticizes the schools as extravagant and makes other criticisms.

The Rodassi Company sends Martha Berry a booklet on their BeautyMaid and Model- Maid Uniforms. They also discuss pricing and include a pattern sample and order form.

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