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Miss M. Hanna has received one of Martha Berry's blanket letters announcing the Schools' recent celebration of its twenty-fifth anniversary and pleading for donations to allow more students to be accepted into The Berry Schools.
Miss M. Hanna, for the estate of Hy. Hanna, sends a donation of $50 in response.

Isabella Stewart, acting principal of Paul Hoffman Junior High School, writes The Berry Schools to let them know that they have received the calendar intended for Mr. Patri. She says that Mr. Patri is on sabbatical enjoying a term's rest but they will save it for his return. She congratulates Miss Berry on her accomplishment of 25 years.

Martha explains that her former students are living productive lives. She explains that there are no funds for additional students, and there is great need for help. There is a note asking Martha Berry to remove Mr. Robert W. Storer from the list because he died.

After celebrating Berry's twenty-fifth anniversary, Martha Berry requests $150 in order to keep Berry's students in school.

A letter asking for donations of $150 to pay for a student to attend the Berry Schools for a year. Person writes back that he is already giving to the Ozark Mountain School.

Note at bottom specifies the reciepient of this letter, but Dear Friend in the addressee location indicates this could have been used as a form letter.
Letter discusses the 25th anniversary celebration and the need for gifts to keep students in school

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