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Mr. Hoge writes to Martha, describing different ways that each department might be able to benefit if each student was charged a small fee per semester for their use (such as for the library and gym).

This letter is written to Martha Berry from M. W. Pitner about a boy that Pitner wants to send to the Berry Schools. According to Pitner, the tuition at Berry at this time was 150 dollars.

Mr. Taylor sends a check to pay for a student's tuition as well as a thank Miss Berry for taking the child under her care.

Letter of resignation including her desire to pay a balance due for tuition.


Mr. Orr writes to Martha with the suggestion to raise rates of tuition as it should not be a hardship to the students. At the same time he mentions increase the compensation of those who work for their tuition that there will be no hardship on the student they most desire to help.


Mr. P.W. Harvey pays $50 for March 26th.


Letter written to request the necessary tuition money from the sister of a student at the Berry School.

Susie Mai Bolt informs Martha Berry that her family does not have the $50 for her brother, Roy Bolt's, tuition.


S. J. Moore discusses providing two or three years of financial arrangements for Eugene's education.

Constance B. Holt writes Martha Berry to donate $300 to keep a brother and sister at Mount Berry for the coming year. She has read about the siblings' plight in the autumn edition of the Southern Highlander and wishes that, if the brother and sister are already provided for, her donation will give two others in need one year at Berry.

Lila Hannah writes to Martha Berry, enclosing a check for $150 that accounts for a year's scholarship for a student, in this case a girl of 15 or 16. She would like this yearly donation to continue until her death for the benefit of current students as well as those to come.

Elizabeth DeLano donates $150.00 to cover a child's tuition to the school.

Donation of $5.00 from Mary Fairchild.

Donation of $150.00 from William S. Forbes towards a young girl's tuition at the Berry school.

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