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Osborn, a former governor of Michigan, acknowledges a invitation from Berry, mentioning his devotion to trees and his oversight in not having gone to the Berry Schools. He provides the address he will have during a planned visit to Georgia and asks to be considered an enthusiastic friend of the school.

Berry learned of Osborn's love of trees from Mrs. E.P. Mallory, and invites Osborn to make an appearance at the Berry Schools to talk to the boys and girls.

Martha writes to Grady to make sure to get the rest of the rent for the place he rented last year. Also to send some plants to Mr. Mooney on the mountain to be planted.

Mrs. Egan writes to inform Miss Berry that her husband has died and the DAR chapter to which she belongs has donated money to Berry in his honor. Since Mr. Egan loved his trees, shrubs and flowers so much, Mrs. Egan proposes that the donation from the DAR chapter be expended on beautifying the grounds at the Schools. She leaves it to Miss Berry's discretion. Egan reports that during a visit with her sister, Charles R. Crane mentioned an interest in visiting Berry.

Martha Berry lets Mr. Cridland know what is going through her mind about the garden.


Wingo provides Berry with the names of prospective donors and asks to be sent literature to give to a man across the hall from her at Corey Hill Hospital in hopes of interesting him in the school. She reports on her first examination by Dr. Goldthwaite, describes the hospital, and encourages Berry to plant Lombardy poplars.

Letter to Grady Hamrick from Martha Berry asking him to plant as many walnut and pine trees as possible in the wasteland at the Foundation School.

Letter to Chas. F. Irish Co., requesting literature on tree removal equipment, as Miss Berry has a considerable number of trees to be removed.

Crisp responds to a letter from Berry with information on fruit from young trees. His company has sent boxes of oranges and grapefruit, and he hopes to visit in the winter.

Fraser lets Berry know that arrival at the schools for tree moving work will be delayed.

O. W. Fraser writes about waiting until cool weather before shipping some bulbs that Berry had ordered. Fraser also writes about the need to water the trees at Berry during the drought.

Karl R. Murton of Southern Landscape Forestry Co. offers his services in caring for the trees at the Berry Schools.



Butler notifies Berry that she has been re-elected as a Vice President of the American Forestry Association for the year 1928.

Held in St. Louis, Missouri. Martha Berry one of three speakers at the banquet.

At the request of Erle Kauffman, several photographs of Martha Berry have been sent for publicity purposes.

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