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Martha writes to Mr. Campbell about Mr Ford promising a tree moving machine

Letter to Chas. F. Irish Co., requesting literature on tree removal equipment, as Miss Berry has a considerable number of trees to be removed.

Fraser lets Berry know that arrival at the schools for tree moving work will be delayed.

Letter to Henry Murphy and Company from Martha Berry asking them to send a catalogue of their equipment and prices. She informs them that the schools are looking to purchase some tree moving equipment and a wagon if their prices aren't too high.

Martha writes to the James & Graham Wagon Manufacturers with hopes that they will be generous enough to make a reduction in price of the equipment needed to move trees.

Chester writes to Miss Bonner with grouping of the tree moving pictures, as these are the suggestion for approval.

A letter sent to Martha Berry from The Davey Tree Expert Company about different tree moving companies and suggestions on how and which companies to contact for tree removal.

Martha writes to Mr. Irish with some literature about the Schools for him to read. She also notes that they are in need of equipment for moving trees and inquires if he would make some low prices on his equipment due to the nature of the work done at the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry inquires about the cost of moving twenty to thirty large trees. She says that they can supply the laborers and board the men that supervise the labor. She wants the trees moved in the next thirty days so she asks for a quick reply.

Mr. Davey writes to Martha having been absent and missed her letter of January 5th. He writes that they do not normally move trees as it requires special equipment, however if the trees she is talking about are not above a certain size they would be able to help.

The Chase Nursery Company answers Miss Berry's previous letter and tells her they do no know who can move 15 or 20 large trees in that part of the country.

Letter from Fraser Nurseries to Berry Schools in regards to doing work for them. This would involving removing trees.

Mr. Birkner writes to Martha about a shade tree moving outfit that she might be able to use some time later in the year.

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