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Martha Berry receives a postcard from a friend informing her that Ford General Motors had Berry students at their exhibit building at the World's Fair.

Mary Hilliard tells Martha Berry that she doesn't need to travel, only to write letters. She then agrees to help George get attention for his eyes and informs Martha Berry that a check is enclosed for that purpose.

The Berry Schools staff answers a letter that did not reach Martha Berry due to sickness and travel. At this time, they do not have a forwarding address set up for Martha Berry.

Laura Smith sends The Berry Schools a check for $100 in response to the recent drought.

Inez writes from New York about plans for the visit of a feature writer to the schools, and Martha Berry's wish to be at the school during the visit. She discusses travel plans, and then speaks of the weather in Rochester.

Ladd's letter will be held for Berry's return later in the month. Berry has written that her health has improved.

Letter accompanying donation. He states that he tries to send a donation once a year, and mentions that his cousin Mary Greenwood took a trip around the world this winter.

In this letter handwritten by Inez Henry on Johns Hopkins Hospital stationery, Martha Berry asks Bessie Bonner to send cakes, candy, and pine. She expresses concern that in the Christmas rush personal packages sent to her from Baltimore will be opened. She asks that Mr. Keown help select the Christmas card, promising that she will return in time to sign it. Henry adds a personal note, telling Miss Bonner that both she and Berry are "tired to death of this life".

Thanks Milly for her gift and asks her to spread the word about Berry to her friends as Miss Berry has been unable to travel.


In this letter Miss Berry explains that she needs to take a trip to Cincinnati before school starts and asks Mr. Harrison if he will send her a pass for travel on the Southern Railway..

Hammond provides a list of those going on the April 16 Pilgrimage and encloses contributions to her silver roll. She is sailing the next night on the Mauretania and looks forward to seeing her daughter Alice.

Mr Holt writes Miss Berry to tell her that he and Mrs Frank R Chambers will not reach Atlanta in time to meet with her as scheduled. He also provides Miss Berry with a new time and date along with his address in Atlanta.

Lucy B. Bliss sends Martha Berry a money order for $2 and discusses her efforts to advertise the work of the Schools in an attempt to help them acquire donations. She also mentions her desire to travel the Southern states, but her inability to do so due to the heat and insufficient funds.

Martha Berry asked Mrs. Prentiss for a donation, but she was in Europe so her secretary responded and informed Martha Berry of the situation.

This letter begins with Mr. Holt requesting a copy of the Highlander. He then goes on to explain his intentions to travel to visit with Martha Berry and spend some time traveling around the south.

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