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Martha Berry writes to Henry Grady Hamrick that she wants him to finish work on the tower as quickly as possible, even if it means getting extra help, so that they can move on to bigger things.


Architect Harry J. Carlson asks Martha Berry for her opinion of the chapel enlargement, which he thinks is an improvement and looks as it were there before. He asks whether the new dormitory, which Mr. Ford has elected not to fund, might still be a possibility.

Architect Harry J. Carlson's personal and confidential letter to E.H. Hoge informing him of a sudden request from Mr. Hamrick to design a 40 foot high stone watch tower on top of the mountain. Carlson expresses concern, which he believes Hoge will share, about the cost of this project.

Architect Harry J. Carlson writes to enclose bills and say that the Berry Schools owe him a great deal of money, a situation that cannot go on. He also mentions a letter from Mr. Hamrick requesting working drawings for a lookout tower, which he will send as soon as they are prepared.

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