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A letter of thanks for the donation $200.00 from the Charles M. Cox Trust Fund. She goes on to thank him and tell him the meaning of the donation and how she feels about the importance of the work going on there at Berry. She concludes with hopes of him coming for a visit to see the effects of the hard work the students are doing at Berry.

Martha Berry sends thanks for the gift and enclosed pamphlet from the United States Unit of Service of 'A Call to all Men and Women of Goodwill in all parts of the World' sent to her from Mrs. Cowl. Miss Berry goes on to describe the weather and happenings at Berry.

A letter from Martha Berry thanking Mrs. Hope for her letter regarding Miss Gerard. She goes on to state how glad she is that Mrs. Hope is so near to Berry. She invites Mrs. Hope to join the Pilgrim's there for a visit next Tuesday, April 19th.

A letter to Mrs. Holt addressing Martha Berry's thanks for all of Mrs. Holt's help in supporting The Berry Schools, and the great need that the school has for friends like Mrs. Holt. She goes on to describe the great needs for Berry Schools in order to keep the scholarship students funded. She also includes her plans for a trip to New York to try to raise more funds within the next couple of days.

A letter to Miss Martha Berry giving the school a $200 check for a Thanksgiving donation. Holt goes on to say how thankful he is for not only the school, but so much for Martha Berry herself.

A letter of thanks to Mr. Hill for sending an autographed copy of his latest book, "How to See Your Way Through Life." Martha Berry mentions the newspaper article he enclosed in his letter and how she feels about the information found there. She invites him and Mrs. Hill for a visit soon to Berry for them to stay a one of the little guest houses.

A letter to Dr. Harbin thanking him for the suggestion of a tablet on certain buildings at the college.

A letter thanking Miss Martha Berry for the hospitality afforded Frank and his family and friend on their visit and stay at the sunshine cottage at The Berry Schools. Also regret that Miss Martha Berry's absence made it impossible for them to meet her.

Thanks to Mrs. Davis from Martha Berry for her donation to the school, and she goes on to talk of the improvements of Berry as well as the new Science and Agriculture building. She then invites Mrs. Davis down for another visit.

A letter thanking Mrs. Davis for the gift sent to the boys and girls of Berry. She goes on to say that she thinks that she knows no one better than her, and is so thankful every time she sees the building she gave them. She concludes with mentioning that Inez has been ill for nearly a month and how she misses having her around.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Holt for his letter and expresses her sadness that she could not see him before he left. She tells Mr. Holt that it is okay for Mr. Staley Cook to visit on Easter, but that they only have a room for him on Saturday and Sunday nights. She says that they would love to have Mr. Cook visit, but that he can also come later in the month.

A letter to Miss Hollister from Martha Berry thanking her and Mrs. Hollister for sending their usual donation. She goes on to describe their rising need for financial assistance at Berry this year, and how much their help really impacts Berry. She goes on to say how touched she is that Berry was remembered even while Mrs. Hollister is so ill.

A letter from Martha Berry thanking Miss Hodge for her generous gift of baby clothes, towels, pillow-cases and other useful gifts. She goes on to describe their great need and appreciation for these gifts. Martha Berry talks about the one room cabins of Rome where families of 10 -12 often live. She concludes with hoping that Miss Hodge will thank the members of the Needlework Guild for the many good things that have come to Berry from their generous hands.

A letter thanking Martha Berry for the visit on Saturday for the Euharlee Club and how they had such a wonderful experience. He also mentions that he forgot to give the message from Harry Crider that he hopes that Martha is doing well and often thinks of her. He ends with wishing her well, and hopes that she gets a good visit from Santa Claus and that all of her wishes comes true this year.

A letter of thanks from Miss Martha Berry for the warm clothes sent to her from Mrs. Heath to clothe the young children of Rome who are in desperate need of warm clothing for the winter months.

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