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Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Hoge for the delicious figs that she sent.

Letter from Miss Berry thanks Mrs Galbraith for the two scholarships. She talks about graduate from the 1916 class who is the Regional Director of the Boys Scout will speak at commencement.

A letter thanking Mr. Ford for the buckwheat flour he'd sent.

Letter tells of the donations that Grace L Foote has sent to Miss Berry. It also wishes Miss Berry's health will be restored and praises her work at the school Letter was begun on 31 May then completed 1 July

Martha Berry thanks Marion Dame for her gift that will be used to buy additional farm land which will be worked by Berry boys to provide food at Berry for many years.

Masina Hicks writes that one thing she was most thankful for was the chance to go to Berry. She then thanks Martha Berry for making it possible for her sister to stay at Berry in the fall. She ends the letter by expressing her hope that Martha Berry is in good health and wishes God's blessings on her.

Mrs. John C. Aisenbrey's Civics Class donated money to the Emily V. Hammond Scholarship Fund. The Berry Schools sends their thanks.

A thank you note for the calendar of 1939 Mrs. Greene sent.

Martha Berry says that she enjoyed meeting Mr. Campbell at Battle Creek and that she appreciates his contribution to a scholarship. She hopes that Mr. Campbell will visit Berry to see the work that they are doing. She also asks him to send his home address for the records.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Hazard for her donation to the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry is thanking Mr.Lietold for his generous gift because she has worried about the financial attribution since she returned.

Muriel thanks Miss Berry fo a lavendar filled basket

This is a brief thank you note from Mrs. Bok (written by her secretary) thanking Miss Berry for a gift of lavender.

Author thanks recipient for box of cotton sent from Berry Schools

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